AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-14Require dotnet-runtime-6.0 insteadSebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2022-11-09don't use hardcoded configurations dirSebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2022-07-19OpenTabletDriver 'gonX' Jensen
2022-07-19Remove 'git' makedepend, as it isn't used in this package variationSebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2022-03-03OpenTabletDriver 'gonX' Jensen
2022-03-03Fix notes.install post_upgrade logicSebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2022-01-19Add manpageSebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2022-01-17OpenTabletDriver v0.6.0.2Sebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2022-01-12Add settings migration patch which is pending for 'gonX' Jensen
2022-01-11OpenTabletDriver v0.6Sebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2021-11-13Select a specific commit in udev repository in case 'latest' changesSebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2021-11-13Build SRCINFOSebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2021-11-13Allow .NET SDK to be .NET 6.0Sebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2021-11-13Bump pkgrel to 'activate' revertSebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2021-11-13Revert "Enable usage of dotnet6"Sebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2021-11-13Enable usage of dotnet6Sebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2021-07-14Update maintainersSebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2021-07-11Bump to