AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-19Update .install to match non-git packageSebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2022-07-19Drop dotnet-runtime-bin requirementSebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2022-05-11Require dotnet-runtime-bin 6.0.4Sebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2022-01-11Refresh for OpenTabletDriver v0.6Sebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2021-12-14Remove old .NET 6 patchSebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2021-12-14Drop usage of -c in otd scriptSebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2021-11-25Fix notes.install checksumSebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2021-11-25Remove prepare() from PKGBUILD as we no longer patchSebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2021-11-25Remove dotnet 6 patch as it has been upstreamedSebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2021-11-14Depend on dotnet6 since dotnet5 straight up doesn't work with the patchSebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2021-11-13Use X9VoiD's dotnet6.0 patchSebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2021-11-13Fix *.pdb file checkSebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2021-11-13Don't strip symbols if strip isn't set in OPTIONSSebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2021-11-13(minor) Clean up newline escapesSebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2021-11-13Enable usage of dotnet6Sebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2021-11-13Don't use yetSebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2021-11-13Use upstream build scriptsSebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2021-10-12Don't build or package debug symbolsSebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2021-10-12Adapt to new configuration pathsSebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2021-07-14Update maintainersSebastian 'gonX' Jensen
2021-06-10Fix build errorLavaDesu
2021-06-10Remove prepare functionLavaDesu
2021-05-16Bump eto while we wait for upstreamLavaDesu
2021-05-15Revert "Temporary stopgap to workaround GUI crashes."LavaDesu
2021-04-09Temporary stopgap to workaround GUI crashes.LavaDesu
2021-03-11Update upstream URLLavaDesu
2021-02-28Update upstream git repository URLLavaDesu
2021-01-29Update license and upstream udev builder URLLavaDesu
2021-01-29Use instead of multi-user.targetLavaDesu
2021-01-28Improve systemd serviceLavaDesu
2020-12-23Packaging overhaulMoeLava
2020-10-14Fix OpenTabletDriver-udev buildMoeLava
2020-09-30Fix OpenTabletDriver-udev buildMoeLava
2020-09-17Fix buildMoeLava
2020-09-12Fix build after upstream refactorMoeLava
2020-09-12Build and run with dotnet50MoeLava
2020-09-03Fix build processMoeLava
2020-09-03Update .gitignoreMoeLava
2020-07-27Add versioning to build argumentsMoeLava
2020-07-27Add .gitignoreMoeLava
2020-07-12Update .SRCINFO and pkgverInfinityGhost
2020-07-12libxrandr, libx11 -> optdependsInfinityGhost
2020-07-09Add libappindicator-gtk3 dependencyMoeLava
2020-06-22Add install script to reload systemd daemonsMoeLava
2020-06-15Bump version and fix buildMoeLava
2020-06-15Add maintainerLavaDesu
2020-05-06Copy icons to /usr/share/pixmaps instead for theming supportMoeLava
2020-04-09Update dependenciesMoeLava
2020-04-02Bump pkgrelMoeLava
2020-04-02Fix an incorrect sha256sumMoeLava