AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
13 daysUpdate to v3.33.0Martin Hoeher
2021-03-19Update to v3.32.1Martin Hoeher
2021-03-14Update to v3.32.0Martin Hoeher
2021-03-11Update to v3.32.0Martin Hoeher
2021-02-09Update to v3.31.2Martin Hoeher
2021-02-02Update to v3.31.1Martin Hoeher
2021-02-01Update to v3.31.0Martin Hoeher
2021-01-11Update to v3.30.0Martin Hoeher
2020-12-06Update to v3.29.0Martin Hoeher
2020-11-11Update to v3.28.1Martin Hoeher
2020-11-01Update to v3.28.0Martin Hoeher
2020-10-04Update to v3.27.0Martin Hoeher
2020-09-07Update to v3.26.0Martin Hoeher
2020-08-16Update PKGBUILDMartin Höher
2020-08-12Do not assume 4 cores in build stepMartin Höher
2020-08-12OpenTodoList v3.25.0Martin Höher