AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-09update to 2021.05.09 and change libowfat method, thanks @acerixDan Johansen
2018-12-27updated to 2018 may git versionStrit
2016-12-15added service file, install file and general fixes. Thanks to Moonman for pro...Strit
2016-12-14cleaned up package build and added sample config fileStrit
2016-10-05updated licenseStrit
2016-07-29updated PKGBUILD to actually work, thanks to CalimeroStrit
2016-07-18changed to date based versioningStrit
2016-01-01change dependencies to makedependsStrit
2015-12-30cleaned up PKGBUILDStrit
2015-12-21Initial importStrit