AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-30Add minssing .SRCINFO changesNicolas Stinus
2020-03-30Update following recent contributionsNicolas Stinus
2019-05-12Fix start following recent change in nordvpn formatNicolas Stinus
2019-04-06Add git to makedependsNicolas Stinus
2018-08-05Shebang and a fix in get_serviceNicolas Stinus
2018-05-20Update to allow optional server name in start commandNicolas Stinus
2017-12-03Add missing fping dependencyNicolas Stinus
2017-10-23Fix bad shaNicolas Stinus
2017-10-23New best commandNicolas Stinus
2017-10-04Follow up to fix; restore config file downloadNicolas Stinus
2017-10-04Quick fix for recent api change on nordvpn.comNicolas Stinus
2017-09-10Pull upstream changesNicolas Stinus
2017-08-06Pull upstream fixNicolas Stinus
2017-07-23Pull upstream changes and replace pandoc by asciidocNicolas Stinus
2017-07-03Pull upstream fixes and enhancementsNicolas Stinus
2017-07-01Pull upstream fixes and enhancementsNicolas Stinus
2017-06-17Pull upstream fixes and new bash-completion featureNicolas Stinus
2017-06-17Get upstream fixesNicolas Stinus
2017-06-15Allow NORDVPN_COMMIT variable to easily build different versionsNicolas Stinus
2017-06-15Pull master and adapt for new nordvpn infos command (requires python-pandas)Nicolas Stinus
2017-06-14Update is done as needed by nordvpn scriptNicolas Stinus
2017-06-14Update SRCINFO due to previous commitsNicolas Stinus
2017-06-13Add missing bc dependencyNicolas Stinus
2017-06-12Allow alternative branch through environment variableNicolas Stinus
2017-06-10Build and install man pageNicolas Stinus
2017-06-05Add missing sudo dependencyNicolas Stinus
2017-06-02Use master branch and get version from upstream tag (reset to v0.1)Nicolas Stinus
2017-06-01Fix previous commit and use latest upstream version (update only if needed)Nicolas Stinus
2017-05-25Switch to storing the script on github.comNicolas Stinus
2017-05-24all: config update is done by nordvpn scriptNicolas Stinus
2017-05-24skip source checksumNicolas Stinus
2017-05-24Update src checksumNicolas Stinus
2017-05-19Update src checksumNicolas Stinus
2017-05-18Update src checksumNicolas Stinus
2017-05-17Update src checksumNicolas Stinus
2017-05-16Update src checksumNicolas Stinus
2017-05-15Update src checksumNicolas Stinus
2017-05-07nordvpn: prevent starting a config that does not existNicolas Stinus
2017-05-06Merge branches 'verbose' and 'vpnfailsafe' into mergeNicolas Stinus
2017-05-06nordvpn: use vpnfailsafe i.o. update-resolv-conf if availableNicolas Stinus
2017-05-06nordvpn: put usage into function, add verbose optionNicolas Stinus
2017-05-05Update src checksumNicolas Stinus
2017-05-04Update src checksumNicolas Stinus
2017-05-02Update src checksumNicolas Stinus
2017-04-28Update src checksumNicolas Stinus
2017-04-27Update src checksumNicolas Stinus
2017-04-22Update src checksumNicolas Stinus
2017-04-21Update src checksumNicolas Stinus
2017-04-18Update src checksumNicolas Stinus
2017-04-15Update src checksumNicolas Stinus