AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-06Fix .SRCINFOThomas Sarboni
2021-05-06Add maintainer mention in PKGBUILDThomas Sarboni
2021-04-27A bit of cleanupThomas Sarboni
2020-11-11Add build script and update .gitignore for .zst filesJonathan Wright
2020-11-11Add polkit rule file to restore OpenVPN accessJonathan Wright
2019-05-19Bump package to 1.3.0-1Jonathan Wright
2019-05-19Add new notes about up-restartJonathan Wright
2017-11-12Bump package to 1.2.7-1Jonathan Wright
2017-07-24Bump package to 1.2.6-1Jonathan Wright
2017-03-02Bump package to 1.2.5-2Jonathan Wright
2017-03-02Bump package to 1.2.5-1Jonathan Wright
2016-12-28Bump package to 1.2.3-2Jonathan Wright
2016-12-28Correct post_install message for OpenVPN 2.4 supportJonathan Wright
2016-12-25Bump package to 1.2.3-1Jonathan Wright
2016-12-13Bump package to 1.2.2-1Jonathan Wright
2016-10-06Bump package to 1.2.1-1Jonathan Wright
2016-08-29Bump package to 1.2.0-1Jonathan Wright
2016-08-11Bump package to 1.1.1-2Jonathan Wright
2016-08-10Update to 1.1.1-1 and add install notice scriptJonathan Wright
2016-08-10Add .gitignore for build-time artifacts and packagesJonathan Wright
2016-08-08Update package to 1.1.0-1Jonathan Wright
2016-07-07Fix install path for update-systemd-resolved scriptJonathan Wright
2016-06-23First commit of first releaseJonathan Wright