AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 daysremove applied patches, update to new jsoncpp PRChristoph Haag
2022-11-22Update to 1.23.7.Lubosz Sarnecki
2022-05-14update md5sumsChristoph Haag
2021-12-26bump pkgrel to trigger rebuild after jsoncpp 25 soname bumpChristoph Haag
2021-03-15conflict with openvrChristoph Haag
2021-03-12update to 1.16.8Christoph Haag
2020-10-10fix pkgver()Christoph Haag
2020-07-06update srcinfo tooChristoph Haag
2020-07-06delete thirdparty/jsoncpp/ in prepare()Christoph Haag
2020-05-08Bump to 1.11.Lubosz Sarnecki
2020-03-17update patchChristoph Haag
2020-03-12Bump version to 1.9.16.Lubosz Sarnecki
2019-11-21Update version to 1.8.19.Lubosz Sarnecki
2019-11-21add issue url to comment.Lubosz Sarnecki
2019-09-18Update version to 1.7.15, update patchset. Use system jsoncpp.Lubosz Sarnecki
2019-08-29Fix version number.Lubosz Sarnecki
2019-08-29Make example installation optional.Lubosz Sarnecki
2019-08-29Make title shorter.Lubosz Sarnecki
2019-08-29Don't build and install static library.Lubosz Sarnecki
2019-08-16various updatesChristoph Haag
2019-08-06update and remove the driver sample build because it's brokenChristoph Haag
2019-06-13bump pkgrel after lubosz' patchChristoph Haag
2019-06-13Use cmake install target to install headers in correct place and add pkg-conf...Lubosz Sarnecki
2019-06-07add patch to remove openvrpaths checkChristoph Haag
2019-02-21update to 1.2.10Christoph Haag
2018-11-29update to 1.1.3bChristoph Haag
2018-11-01update to 1.0.17Christoph Haag
2018-08-08add another patchChristoph Haag
2018-08-01update pragma pack patch to pop pragma after the fixChristoph Haag
2018-07-30add patch to fix C headerChristoph Haag
2018-07-28update to 1.0.16Christoph Haag
2018-07-27add patch to fix capiChristoph Haag
2018-05-151.0.15Christoph Haag
2018-04-06update to 1.0.14Christoph Haag
2018-02-161.0.13Christoph Haag
2018-01-10update to 1.0.12Christoph Haag
2017-12-06update to 1.0.11Christoph Haag
2017-11-08v2Christoph Haag
2017-11-07also install hellovr_vulkanChristoph Haag
2017-09-03update to 1.0.10Christoph Haag
2017-08-06PR fix for segfault in hellovr_openglChristoph Haag
2017-07-25samples are not actually brokenChristoph Haag
2017-07-19openvr 1.0.9Christoph Haag
2017-06-15change pkgver() to the version with tagChristoph Haag
2017-06-151.0.8 release - disable build of samplesChristoph Haag
2017-05-03remove outdated descriptionChristoph Haag
2017-05-03openvr 1.0.7Christoph Haag
2017-03-10use valve's binary distribution of libopenvr_apiChristoph Haag
2017-01-31remove leftover cdChristoph Haag
2017-01-31OpenVR SDK 1.0.6Christoph Haag