AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-27Disable -Werror to ignore GL_GLEXT_VERSION redifinitionsWorMzy Tykashi
2018-03-14Fix build, rename patches, drop .install as source fileWorMzy Tykashi
2017-12-30Fix source nameWorMzy Tykashi
2017-12-30Updated url to use https, style changesWorMzy Tykashi
2016-05-09Replace own patch with upstreamsWorMzy Tykashi
2016-05-09gcc 6 fixesWorMzy Tykashi
2016-03-30Added openxcom-data-steam optdepWorMzy Tykashi
2016-03-30Replaced yaml-cpp51 depWorMzy Tykashi
2015-10-06Forgot mksrcinfo on the last commitIan Thompson
2015-10-06Roll back to older version of yaml-cppIan Thompson
2015-06-19Initial import (v1.0-2)Ian Thompson