AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-28Release v1.4Robin Lange
2020-10-10Updated to follow repoRobin Lange
2020-05-17Release v1.3Robin Lange
2020-05-02Fixed PKGBUILD issuesRobin Lange
2019-11-15pkgrel bump to fix Python 3.8 errorRobin Lange
2019-06-23Release v1.1Robin Lange
2019-06-23Fix "python" interpreter bein used instead of "python3"Robin Lange
2019-05-13Add package version in provides=( )Robin Lange
2019-05-13Updated pkgver for v1.0Robin Lange
2019-05-12Updated requirements list for python-dbusRobin Lange
2019-05-11Fixed pkgver() again (removed "v" prefix)Robin Lange
2019-05-11Fixed pkgver + install logind conf fileRobin Lange
2019-05-04Fixed package versionRobin Lange
2019-05-04Release v1.0Robin Lange
2019-04-05Fixed pkgver() returning empty stringRobin Lange
2019-03-26Updated to match the modifications made to the mainline packageRobin Lange
2019-01-20initial commitbssb