AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-26Upgrading to version
2020-03-10Upgrading to version
2019-10-30remove DLAGENTS and PKGEXT definitionsFilipe Laíns
2019-10-09[upd] Better dependency managementYan Doroshenko
2019-09-23[ver]Yan Doroshenko
2019-08-13[upd] JDK 11 supportYan Doroshenko
2019-08-12[ver] Doroshenko
2019-04-12Update version to Doroshenko
2019-02-03[fix] Fix sourceYan Doroshenko
2019-01-17[ver] => Doroshenko
2018-10-12[ver] Doroshenko
2018-10-08[fix] Fix JDK8 dependencyYan Doroshenko
2018-07-16[ver] Doroshenko
2018-06-19[upd] Add OpenJFX dependencyYan Doroshenko
2018-05-23Add categories to desktop fileYan Doroshenko
2018-04-06[ver] 17.4 -> 18.1Yan Doroshenko
2018-03-14[ver] -> Doroshenko
2018-02-18[ver] -> Doroshenko
2017-07-17bumpMatt Parnell
2017-05-22bumpMatt Parnell
2016-09-28remove install file and add message at end of build - you can just setMatt Parnell
2016-09-21version bumpMatt Parnell
2016-03-06version bumpMatt Parnell
2016-01-09bumpMatt Parnell
2015-12-30updateMatt Parnell
2015-10-27version bumpMatt Parnell
2015-09-22initial commitMatt Parnell