AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-28Added gnome-common as makedep in silent updatePhoton89
2018-09-28Removed libgnome make dependency since it would be a circular one...Photon89
2018-09-28Used the proper package name for Gnome2 commonPhoton89
2018-09-28Added gnome-common as makedependPhoton89
2018-09-28Proper fix, thanks to people from the forums!Photon89
2018-09-27Revert to the temporary fix from -4 for nowPhoton89
2018-09-27Proper fix to the building issuePhoton89
2018-09-26Added the file libname-server-2.a to the sources as a temporary solution sinc...Photon89
2017-10-12Updated project URLPhoton89
2017-01-26Give orbit2 a second life in the AURPhoton89