AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-10-05orbment: version bump and improve descriptionEarnestly
2016-03-06orbment: version bumpEarnestly
2016-02-15orbment: switch dependency to wlc, allow building chck staticallyEarnestly
2016-01-23orbment: bump for new wlcEarnestly
2016-01-22orbment: version bumpEarnestly
2015-11-30orbment: version bumpEarnestly
2015-11-20orbment: version bumpEarnestly
2015-10-29orbment: version bumpEarnestly
2015-09-13orbment: Version bump, fixes dpms plugin registration.Earnestly
2015-09-11orbment: Version bump.Earnestly
2015-08-26orbment: New build type for packagers, also version bump... I've been here be...Earnestly
2015-08-23orbment: Remove now obsolete submodule updates for inihck.Earnestly
2015-08-23orbment: Update submodule location, use new gnuinstalldirs.Earnestly
2015-08-22orbment: Version bumps.Earnestly
2015-08-20orbment: Version bump.Earnestly
2015-08-18orbment: Fix build dependencies, make a note about the situation regarding wl...Earnestly
2015-08-16Verson bump.Earnestly
2015-08-10Add orbment-gitEarnestly