AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-05Version bumpTony Lambiris
2021-04-14New upstream repoTony Lambiris
2020-04-17Version bumpTony Lambiris
2020-02-22Version bumpTony Lambiris
2019-12-18Version bumpTony Lambiris
2019-07-17Version bumpTony Lambiris
2019-04-11Version bumpTony Lambiris
2019-02-27Version bumpTony Lambiris
2019-02-05Version bump, patch merged to upstreamTony Lambiris
2019-01-28Mention QT_SCALE_FACTORTony Lambiris
2019-01-04Adopt and update packageTony Lambiris
2017-08-14Updated dependenciesMarius Orcsik
2017-04-15Switched to qt-multimedia backendMarius Orcsik
2017-02-15Using mpv as backend - seems to use less CPUMarius Orcsik
2017-02-15A new buildMarius Orcsik
2016-10-23Moving qt5-multimedia from optdependsMarius Orcsik
2016-10-20Removed dependencies on libcommuni and mpvMarius Orcsik
2016-10-20Updated with new location for the iconMarius Orcsik
2016-10-10Fixed an issue with displaying the icon in menusMarius Orcsik
2016-10-02UpdateMarius Orcsik
2016-09-15New versionMarius Orcsik
2016-09-13Avoiding to flag the makedepends as orphans after buildMarius Orcsik
2016-09-13Updated srcinfoMarius Orcsik
2016-09-13Moved some packages from deps to makedeps to match the non-git packageMarius Orcsik
2016-09-13Updated the dependencies and optional dependenciesMarius Orcsik
2016-09-12Fixing the packaging of the applicationMarius Orcsik
2016-09-12Whitespace and stuffMarius Orcsik
2016-09-12Initial commit for orion-gitMarius Orcsik