AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-12-20bump to 0.5.15PedroHLC ☭
2022-07-14Use arch-like VCS versionPedroHLC ☭
2022-07-09Bump .SRCINFOPedroHLC ☭
2022-07-09Use check-version; use spacesPedroHLC ☭
2022-04-11Use https (#1)Allen
2021-05-20Re-add appindicatorPedroHLC
2021-05-19Bump and add gitPedroHLC
2020-04-20Use repo's tags for versionsPedroHLC
2020-04-10The correct name is python-mpd2PedroHLC
2020-04-10Python 3 and 0.5PedroHLC
2017-01-03Tiger Soldier has transferred ownership of the project to members of the comm...Ondřej Svoboda
2016-02-02Also update .SRCINFO (by LC_ALL=C mksrcinfo)Ondřej Svoboda
2016-02-02Fix "provides should be an array" and update while at itOndřej Svoboda
2015-12-15osdlyrics-git: community fork slowly making it to 0.5 releaseOndřej Svoboda