AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-03Fix url handler .desktop file.Torge Matthies
2021-12-28Add url to PKGBUILD.Torge Matthies
2021-11-04Replace mime types with the official ones.Torge Matthies
2021-06-25Do unity builds.Torge Matthies
2021-06-25More dependency fixes.Torge Matthies
2021-06-25Fix missing makedependsTorge Matthies
2021-04-09Add url handler for osu:// urls.Torge Matthies
2021-04-09Add workaround for broken Wine 6.5.Torge Matthies
2021-04-08Convert to a proper non-VCS package.Torge Matthies
2021-04-08Use meson compile command instead of ninja.Torge Matthies
2019-10-15Add .gitignoreTorge Matthies
2019-10-13Version 0.2-1Torge Matthies
2019-10-05Version 0.1-1Torge Matthies