AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-25Bump version to 2024.625.2Bumper Bot
2024-06-25Bump version to 2024.625.0Bumper Bot
2024-05-21Bump version to 2024.521.2Bumper Bot
2024-05-21Bump version to 2024.521.0Bumper Bot
2024-05-19Update iconAntti Ellilä
2024-05-19Bump version to 2024.519.1Bumper Bot
2024-05-19Bump version to 2024.519.0Bumper Bot
2024-04-13Bump version to 2024.412.1Bumper Bot
2024-04-13Bump version to 2024.412.0Bumper Bot
2024-03-20Fix AppImage getting corrupted caused by changes in arch build toolingAntti Ellilä
2024-03-12Bump version to 2024.312.1Bumper Bot
2024-03-11Bump version to 2024.312.0Bumper Bot
2024-03-02Bump version to 2024.302.1Bumper Bot
2024-03-02Bump version to 2024.302.0Bumper Bot
2024-02-21Bump version to 2024.221.0Bumper Bot
2024-02-19Bump version to 2024.219.0Bumper Bot
2024-01-31Bump to 2024.131.0David Husicka
2024-01-30Bump version to 2024.130.2Bumper Bot
2024-01-29Update icon source to fix issueDutchEllie
2024-01-28Bunlde icon to avoid problemsDavid Husicka
2024-01-14Bump version to 2024.114.0Bumper Bot
2024-01-13Bump version to 2024.113.0Bumper Bot
2023-12-31Bump version to 2023.1231.0Bumper Bot
2023-12-29Bump version to 2023.1229.1Bumper Bot
2023-12-28Bump version to 2023.1229.0Bumper Bot
2023-12-23Bump version to 2023.1224.0Bumper Bot
2023-12-22Bump version to 2023.1223.0Bumper Bot
2023-12-21Bump version to 2023.1222.0Bumper Bot
2023-12-20Bump version to 2023.1221.0Bumper Bot
2023-12-19Bump version to 2023.1220.0Bumper Bot
2023-12-18Bump version to 2023.1218.1Bumper Bot
2023-12-18Bump version to 2023.1218.0Bumper Bot
2023-11-30Bump version to 2023.1130.0Bumper Bot
2023-11-14Bump version to 2023.1114.1Bumper Bot
2023-11-14Bump version to 2023.1114.0Bumper Bot
2023-10-26Bump version to 2023.1026.0Bumper Bot
2023-10-08Bump version to 2023.1008.1Bumper Bot
2023-10-08Bump version to 2023.1008.0Bumper Bot
2023-09-25Bump version to 2023.924.1Bumper Bot
2023-09-24Bump version to 2023.924.0Bumper Bot
2023-09-14Bump version to 2023.914.0Bumper Bot
2023-09-13Bump version to 2023.913.0Bumper Bot
2023-09-08Bump version to 2023.908.2Bumper Bot
2023-09-08Bump version to 2023.908.1Bumper Bot
2023-09-08Bump version to 2023.908.0Bumper Bot
2023-08-15Bump version to 2023.815.0Bumper Bot
2023-08-12Bump version to 2023.812.0Bumper Bot
2023-08-11Bump version to 2023.811.0Bumper Bot
2023-08-03Bump version to 2023.803.0Bumper Bot
2023-07-16Bump version to 2023.717.0Bumper Bot