AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysBump version to 2023.123.0Bumper Bot
7 daysBump version to 2023.121.0Bumper Bot
2023-01-03Bump version to 2022.1228.0Antti
2023-01-03Bump version to 2022.1227.0Antti
2022-12-28Bump version to 2022.1228.0Antti
2022-12-27Bump version to 2022.1227.0Antti
2022-12-10Handle osu! URIs (osu!direct), bump pkgrelAntti
2022-12-08Bump to version 2022.1208.0Antti
2022-12-07Bump version to 2022.1207.0DutchEllie
2022-12-06Bump to version 2022.1205.0DutchEllie
2022-11-23Bump version to 2022.1123.0DutchEllie
2022-11-17Bump version to 2022.1117.0David Husicka
2022-11-01Bump version to 2022.1101.0DutchEllie
2022-10-31Bump version to 2022.1031.0DutchEllie
2022-10-22Bump version to 2022.1022.0David Husicka
2022-10-08Bump version to 2022.1008.2DutchEllie
2022-10-08Bump to version 2022.1008.0DutchEllie
2022-09-23Bump to version 2022.923.1DutchEllie
2022-09-23Bump to version 2022.923.0DutchEllie
2022-09-11Bump to version 2022.911.0David Husicka
2022-09-11Bump to version 2022.910.0David Husicka
2022-09-01Bump version to 2022.902.1David Husicka
2022-09-01Bump version to 2022.902.0DutchEllie
2022-09-01Bump version to 2022.901.0DutchEllie
2022-08-21Bump version to 2022.821.0David Husicka
2022-08-16Bump version to 2022.816.0David Husicka
2022-08-10Bump version to 2022.810.2David Husicka
2022-07-30Bump to version 2022.731.1David Husicka
2022-07-23Bump to version 2022.723.0David Husicka
2022-07-18Bump to version 2022.719.0David Husicka
2022-07-16Bump to version 2022.716.1David Husicka
2022-07-10Bump to version 2022.709.1David Husicka
2022-07-03Bump to version 2022.704.0David Husicka
2022-06-29Bump version to 2022.630.0David Husicka
2022-06-29Bump to version 2022.628.0David Husicka
2022-06-21bump version to v2022.621.0Tuhana GAYRETLİ
2022-06-15Bump version to 2022.615.0David Husicka
2022-06-12bump version to v2022.612.0Tuhana GAYRETLİ
2022-06-05bump version to v2022.605.1Tuhana GAYRETLİ
2022-06-04Revert "bump version to v2022.605.0"Tuhana GAYRETLİ
2022-06-04bump version to v2022.605.0Tuhana GAYRETLİ
2022-05-28Bump version to 2022.528.0DutchEllie
2022-05-23Bump to version 2022.523.0David Husicka
2022-05-15Fix srcinfoDutchEllie
2022-05-15Fix PKGBUILDDutchEllie
2022-05-15bump version to v2022.515.0DutchEllie
2022-05-09Remove ffmpeg dependencyDavid Husicka
2022-05-09bump version to v2022.509.0DutchEllie
2022-05-04remove `LD_LIBRARY_PATH` variableTuhana GAYRETLİ
2022-05-01bump version to v2022.501.0DutchEllie