AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-05-03openvr 1.0.7 updateChristoph Haag
2017-03-10update-v1.0.6 branch works nowChristoph Haag
2017-02-23fixChristoph Haag
2017-01-06updateChristoph Haag
2016-11-02temporarily use update-v1.0.3 branchChristoph Haag
2016-09-25remove gmock and gtest completely from pkgdirChristoph Haag
2016-08-25remove -DCMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR=lib. was set twiceChristoph Haag
2016-08-25updateChristoph Haag
2016-07-15libdirChristoph Haag
2016-07-15libdirChristoph Haag
2016-07-07well, really don't install the testChristoph Haag
2016-07-07build testsChristoph Haag
2016-07-07Update message to not put osvr driver into SteamVRChristoph Haag
2016-07-06update. First update openvr and osvr-rendermanagerChristoph Haag
2016-07-06update and fix paths and install msgChristoph Haag
2016-04-12updatesChristoph Haag
2016-03-04suggest symlink instead cp of driverChristoph Haag
2016-03-04the directory is called SteamVR nowChristoph Haag
2016-03-04header hack not necessary anymoreChristoph Haag
2016-02-17update and make install not arrayChristoph Haag
2015-11-18update and path fixChristoph Haag
2015-07-29initial commitChristoph Haag