AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-17apple updated the fontD3SOX
2023-06-05bump pkgrelD3SOX
2023-06-05update checksumD3SOX
2022-10-25update checksumD3SOX
2022-06-08apple updated the fontD3SOX
2022-04-22update checksumD3SOX
2021-11-12apple updated the fontD3SOX
2021-09-29add pkgrel to font file to prevent caching by aur helpersD3SOX
2021-09-28apple updated fontD3SOX
2021-06-08minor formatting changesD3SOX
2021-06-08apple updated to the fontD3SOX
2021-04-13now installs licenseD3SOX
2021-04-13update checksumD3SOX
2019-12-08Removed dmg2img conversion - 7z does thisHarry Beadle
2019-12-06Add .SRCINFOHarry Beadle
2019-11-28Change to build with 7zipHarry Beadle
2019-11-24Upadte ChecksumHarry Beadle
2019-09-16Update MD5Harry Beadle
2019-08-29WordHarry Beadle
2019-08-29Make it clear this uses Apple's srcHarry Beadle
2019-08-28Initial CommitHarry Beadle