AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-04-28ov: update to 0.34.1Mike Yuan
2024-04-21ov: update to 0.34.0Mike Yuan
2024-02-24ov: update to 0.33.3Mike Yuan
2024-02-07ov: update to 0.33.2Mike Yuan
2024-01-14ov: update to 0.33.1Mike Yuan
2024-01-02Use $_tag at one more placeMike Yuan
2024-01-02ov: update to 0.33.0Mike Yuan
2023-10-19ov: update to 0.32.1Mike Yuan
2023-10-19Don't query git tag needlesslyMike Yuan
2023-09-25ov: set version and revision for build (0.32.0-2)Mike Yuan
2023-09-24ov: update to 0.32.0Mike Yuan
2023-07-25ov: update to 0.31.0Mike Yuan
2023-06-10ov: update to 0.30.0Mike Yuan
2023-05-06ov: install LICENSE (0.15.0-2)Mike Yuan
2023-03-07ov: update to 0.15.0Mike Yuan
2023-02-08ov: update to 0.14.2Mike Yuan
2023-01-31ov: update to 0.14.1Mike Yuan
2023-01-17ov: update to 0.14.0Mike Yuan
2023-01-08ov: styleMike Yuan
2023-01-08ov: 0.13.0-2: install example config filesMike Yuan
2023-01-08ov: addpkgMike Yuan