AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-06updating to version 0.5.3Jonas Heinrich
2016-06-16updated to version 0.5.2Jonas Heinrich
2016-06-01updated to version 0.5.1Jonas Heinrich
2016-05-28updated to version 0.5.0Jonas Heinrich
2016-05-06updated to version 0.4.4Jonas Heinrich
2016-04-26updated to version 0.4.3Jonas Heinrich
2016-04-18updated to version 0.4.2Jonas Heinrich
2016-03-30updated to version 0.4.1Jonas Heinrich
2016-03-17updated to version 0.4.0Jonas Heinrich
2015-11-17fix source URL and clean upSergej Pupykin
2015-10-21updated to version 0.2.1Jonas Heinrich
2015-08-28first commitJonas Heinrich