AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-02-15update beats to 6.2.1Tyler Langlois
2017-02-10Version bump packetbeat-bin to 5.2.0Tyler Langlois
2016-05-19beats: update to 1.2.3Tyler Langlois
2016-04-23beats: 1.2.1 release updateTyler Langlois
2016-04-05beats: 1.2.0 releaseTyler Langlois
2016-03-19beats: version 1.1.2 updateTyler Langlois
2016-02-17beats: version bump to 1.1.1Tyler Langlois
2016-02-06beats: add documentation and LANG=C variable to source buildsTyler Langlois
2016-02-02beats: update all packages for 1.1.0 releaseTyler Langlois
2015-12-25beats: update -bin packages to 1.0.1 releaseTyler Langlois
2015-11-25Update beats binary releases to 1.0.0 GATyler Langlois
2015-11-19packetbeat-bin: version bump to 1.0.0-rc2Tyler Langlois
2015-11-05Update from 1.0.0-beta4 to 1.0.0-rc1 for all beats packagesTyler Langlois
2015-10-28packetbeat: fix email obfuscation, not like it matters KappaTyler Langlois
2015-10-25packetbeat-bin: version bump to 1.0.0_beta4Tyler Langlois
2015-09-10Create packetbeat-binTyler Langlois