AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-23Update to 3.2.2Mark Blakeney
2023-10-22Update to 3.2.1Mark Blakeney
2023-10-22Update to 3.2Mark Blakeney
2023-10-21Update to 3.1Mark Blakeney
2023-10-21Update to 3.0Mark Blakeney
2023-10-19Remove pacsync conflicts/replacesMark Blakeney
2023-09-09Add missing build dependencyMark Blakeney
2023-09-09Add missing build dependencyMark Blakeney
2023-09-05Fix 2.26 updateMark Blakeney
2023-09-05Update to 2.26Mark Blakeney
2023-04-24Update to 2.25Mark Blakeney
2023-02-25Update to 2.24Mark Blakeney
2023-02-25Update to 2.23Mark Blakeney
2023-02-25Update to 2.22Mark Blakeney
2023-02-25Update to 2.21Mark Blakeney
2022-12-29Update to 2.20Mark Blakeney
2022-11-23Update to 2.19Mark Blakeney
2022-11-20Update to 2.18Mark Blakeney
2022-10-23Update to 2.17Mark Blakeney
2022-10-10Add missing setuptoolsMark Blakeney
2022-10-09Simplify PKGBUILDMark Blakeney
2022-08-11Update to 2.16Mark Blakeney
2022-07-02Disable pip warningMark Blakeney
2022-05-31Update to 2.15Mark Blakeney
2022-04-25Update to 2.14Mark Blakeney
2022-02-15Update to 2.13Mark Blakeney
2022-02-15Update to 2.12.1Mark Blakeney
2022-02-15Update to 2.12Mark Blakeney
2021-12-14Update to 2.11Mark Blakeney
2021-10-18Update to 2.10Mark Blakeney
2021-06-10Update to 2.9Mark Blakeney
2021-01-28Update to 2.8.1Mark Blakeney
2020-08-12Remove unnecessary backup of config fileMark Blakeney
2020-04-28Update to 2.8Mark Blakeney
2020-04-27Update to 2.7.9Mark Blakeney
2019-11-15Bump version to force rebuild for Python 3.8.0Mark Blakeney
2019-11-11Update to 2.7.8Mark Blakeney
2018-10-12Update to 2.7.7Mark Blakeney
2018-10-12Update to 2.7.6Mark Blakeney
2018-10-11Update to 2.7.5Mark Blakeney
2018-10-10Update to 2.7.4Mark Blakeney
2018-09-05Update to 2.7.3Mark Blakeney
2018-08-07Force python 3.7 rebuildMark Blakeney
2018-03-14Update to 2.7.2Mark Blakeney
2018-03-09Update to 2.6Mark Blakeney
2018-03-04Update to 2.5.1Mark Blakeney
2018-03-02Update to 2.5Mark Blakeney
2018-02-15Update to 2.4.1Mark Blakeney
2018-02-13Update to 2.4Mark Blakeney
2018-02-10Update to 2.3.4Mark Blakeney