AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-09Update to 1.10.14Mitchell Stokes
2022-12-20Update to 1.10.13rdb
2022-09-02Update to 1.10.12rdb
2022-01-14Update to 1.10.11, with some additional changes:rdb
2021-01-04Fix 'ode' dependency - available in community repoAndy Mender
2020-12-31Add optdepend for 'fftw'Andy Mender
2020-12-29Clean up dependenciesAndy Mender
2020-12-29Update to version 1.10.8, regenerate checksums and add missing optdependsAndy Mender
2020-12-25Don't disable opensslJose Riha
2020-12-25Fix lib64 directory conflictJose Riha
2020-09-14Update to 1.10.7David Radford
2020-03-19Version BUMPDavid Radford
2020-01-11Fixed dependencycroxis
2019-08-30Update to
2019-03-12Updated to 1.10.2croxis
2019-02-18Updated to 1.10.1croxis
2019-01-18Updated dependenciescroxis
2017-06-21Fixes openssl issuecroxis
2017-04-01Update to 1.9.4croxis
2016-12-26Update to 1.9.3croxis
2016-07-21I always forget srcinfocroxis
2016-07-21Removed fftw suppoert per upstream suggestioncroxis
2016-04-03This newfangled buisnesscroxis
2016-04-03Update to 1.9.2croxis
2016-03-21Disabled ffmpeg until 1.9.2croxis
2015-11-27One more timecroxis
2015-11-27Update to 1.9.1croxis
2015-11-27Update to 1.9.1croxis
2015-06-17Initial importcroxis