AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
8 daysUpdate license to SPDX, add git makedepgesh
2024-04-04Remove local-only filesgesh
2023-12-17Tag latest commit changing pandoc.cabal versiongesh
2023-12-17Remove dynlibEnv correctiongesh
2023-12-1155227a2: Man page movedgesh
2023-06-16Ignore tags that don't look like versionsgesh
2022-04-04And add .SRCINFO updatesgesh
2022-04-04Remove pandoc-citeproc optdepgesh
2021-12-03Revert "Fix lower bounds on pandoc-lua-marshal"gesh
2021-11-29Fix lower bounds on pandoc-lua-marshalgesh
2021-11-07gitattributes: ignore whitespace in SRCINFOgesh
2021-10-28Add rc version supportgesh
2021-10-28Initial commitgesh