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2018-06-23Increase Snapoff (undocumentedly also Snapback) distance to avoid conflict wi...Que Quotion
2018-06-18New Default.profileQue Quotion
2018-06-05UPDPKGSUMSQue Quotion
2018-06-05Elementary devs keep renaming their executables and shortcuts; kinda rediculousQue Quotion
2018-06-04Make Plank always Above other windows (mouseover unhide over fullscreen windows)Que Quotion
2018-06-04Have to updkgsums, even for Default.profile which isn't installed...Que Quotion
2018-04-25Simplify compiz profile (no package changes)Que Quotion
2018-01-09Minor changes for new pantheon-workaroundsQue Quotion
2018-01-09gitignore reductionQue Quotion
2017-12-27cerbere no longer autostarts, added to .session fileQue Quotion
2017-05-25remove dconf dependencyQue Quotion
2017-05-25typoQue Quotion
2017-05-25simplifications; rely more on pantheon-workarounds to pull dependenciesQue Quotion
2017-05-15dependency change: wingpanel-standalone-bzr->gitQue Quotion
2017-03-05pantheon-qqQue Quotion
2015-10-24Pantheon-3d: replaces Gala with CompizQue Quotion