AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-02-16Update syntax to disable apport; specify "master" branch (archived)Que Quotion
2021-08-01Provide pantheon-dockQue Quotion
2021-04-17Update for new granite release (6-64)Que Quotion
2021-01-06See Quotion
2020-12-05Ellipsize long window namesQue Quotion
2020-10-23Transient windows cannot be minimizedQue Quotion
2020-10-23Allow transients to make menu itemsQue Quotion
2020-10-17Derp: used in source(); replace with actual urlQue Quotion
2020-10-12add gnome-menus and granite to depends(), simplify {,make}depends() sectionQue Quotion
2020-10-04Update URL: use video posted on redditQue Quotion
2020-10-04Instance controls: close, switch to, or minimize individual windows of an app...Que Quotion
2020-09-24remove plank from dependsSolomon Choina
2020-09-24lets see the changes that i didSolomon Choina
2020-05-23initial updated versionSolomon Choina