AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-09-25Change pkgver sedAlisson Lauffer
2023-09-24Switch back to libadwaita and add libshumateAlisson Lauffer
2023-07-08Bump rev tagAlisson Lauffer
2023-07-08Revert "Add a crash fix for unstable gtk4"Alisson Lauffer
2023-06-09Add a crash fix for unstable gtk4Alisson Lauffer
2023-05-17update pkgver and provide official API keysAlisson Lauffer
2023-05-16update dependenciesAlisson Lauffer
2023-05-16change pkgver function and add appstream-glib to makedependsAlisson Lauffer
2023-05-15migrate to *-paper-plane packagesAlisson Lauffer
2023-05-14update srcinfoAlisson Lauffer
2023-05-14initial commitAlisson Lauffer