AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-02-25Update SRCINFO.Etienne Perot
2023-02-25Add user systemd service file.Etienne Perot
2020-05-17review by anthraxxFrederik Schwan
2020-04-28review with Alad WenterFrederik Schwan
2020-04-26migrate to b2sumsFrederik Schwan
2020-02-22replace maintainer e-mail address for an archlinux specific oneFrederik Schwan
2019-10-31parcimonie-sh-git: PKGBUILD review by svenstarofrederik
2019-05-27Update SRCINFO.Etienne Perot
2019-05-27Update GPG invocation in PKGBUILD.Etienne Perot
2019-04-29update gpg key checksumfrederik
2018-10-05syntactic cleanupfrederik
2017-08-08Update .SRCINFO.Etienne Perot
2017-08-08Fix git URL.Etienne Perot
2017-08-07Use Github repository as upstream URL.Etienne Perot
2017-08-04Update .SRCINFO.Etienne Perot
2017-08-04Add LICENSE file, fix license name.Etienne Perot
2016-12-28Update PGP key hash. No new release version because the package is unchanged.Etienne Perot
2015-11-04cleanup PKGBUILDfrederik
2015-07-13change Maintainer - please contact me if this a mistakefrederik
2015-07-13initial commitfrederik