AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-06-07Update to latest version 0.231build1Mike Javorski
2019-05-31Update to latest release 0.230.4 and update source locationMike Javorski
2019-01-11Update to latest release 0.230.1Mike Javorski
2017-10-18Update to latest release 0.228.9Mike Javorski
2017-09-25Update to latest release 0.228.8Mike Javorski
2017-09-25Update maintainer listMike Javorski
2016-01-25upgrade to 0.223Jan Dolinar
2016-01-09upgrade to 0.222Jan Dolinar
2015-12-12updated to 0.221.3Jan Dolinar
2015-11-28upgraded to 0.221ubuntu2Jan Dolinar
2015-11-16upgrade to 0.220ubuntu1Jan Dolinar
2015-10-17upgrade to 0.215-ubuntu11Jan Dolinar
2015-09-01corrected configuration pathJan Dolinar
2015-06-09moved from aur3Jan Dolinar