AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-01-21Add pkgver()tdy
2016-10-21Updated, should fully workquomoow
2015-06-08-git pkgver updatesJohannes Löthberg
2015-06-08Reformat PKGBUILDJohannes Löthberg
2015-06-08pcmanfm-git: Add lxmenu-data as an alternative to gnome-menusJohannes Löthberg
2015-06-08pcmanfm-git: Use upstream source, include .install file in source array (whop...Johannes Löthberg
2015-06-08ReindentJohannes Löthberg
2015-06-08Various stylistic housekeeping...Johannes Löthberg
2015-06-08$pkgver -git and modeline fixJohannes Löthberg
2015-06-08Cleaned up some pkgver()'sJohannes Löthberg
2015-06-08pcmanfm-git: Don't use git over httpsJohannes Löthberg
2015-06-08did some shit, too lazy to split things upJohannes Löthberg
2015-06-08Added missing modelines to .install filesJohannes Löthberg
2015-06-08Removed unnecesary references to $srcdirJohannes Löthberg
2015-06-08pcmanfm-git: Replaced pkgver() function with cleaner versionJohannes Löthberg
2015-06-08pcmanfm-git: Adopted pcmanfm-git.Johannes Löthberg