AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysVTLB: Add option to pause on TLB miss (and cleanup/exception removals)kenshen112
3 daysGHActions: Update release pipeline for MultiISAkenshen112
4 daysGameDB: Add missing PAL demoskenshen112
4 daystemp debug removekenshen112
5 daystemp debugkenshen112
5 daysGS: Show VRAM usage in statisticskenshen112
7 daysOverhaul of the screenrecorderkenshen112
9 daysGameDB: upscaling fixes for 'TOCA Race Driver'kenshen112
12 daysGS-hw: Cleanup GSRendererHW.kenshen112
13 daysQt: Add DS4/DS5 LED settingskenshen112
2023-01-11GS: Purge leftover wx tooltips.kenshen112
2023-01-09SPU2: Purge interpolation optionskenshen112
2023-01-063rdparty: Update to gtest 1.12.1kenshen112
2023-01-02PAD: Update to latest controller databasekenshen112
2022-12-31Misc: Remove GS/config.h include from PCSX2Base.hkenshen112
2022-12-26USB: Only update when devices pluggedkenshen112
2022-12-25Qt: enable editing cheats directorykenshen112
2022-12-24Fix patch and buildkenshen112
2022-12-24Remove WXkenshen112
2022-12-23Qt: Add debug options panelkenshen112
2022-12-23GameDB: Nascar Thunder 2003kenshen112
2022-12-22GS/HW: Reuse texture for RT copy in DX12/GL/Vulkankenshen112
2022-12-18USB: Add missing extra controller bindings for Buzzkenshen112
2022-12-16VMManager: Better separate shutdown and close for SPU2 and GSkenshen112
2022-12-07CMake: Fix issues with linkers failing on Linuxkenshen112
2022-12-04GameDB : add AdaptiveBFF to 'K-1 World Grand Prix 2006' and 'Elemental Geradkenshen112
2022-11-23GameDB: Fixes to multiple games yet againkenshen112
2022-11-23GS: Add sharp bilinear for lower resolutionskenshen112
2022-11-23Qt: Add -testconfig optionkenshen112
2022-11-22GS-TC: Only reset age when it's definitely an EE writekenshen112
2022-11-18Enhance the EE recompiler making big speed gainskenshen112
2022-11-18SIO: Separate SIO2 from SIO0kenshen112
2022-11-18Implemented Motion Adaptive Deinterlacing and integrated changes with UIkenshen112
2022-11-13x86/iR5900: Align LQC2/SQC2 to 16 bytes / Write VIs from CTC2 as 16 bitskenshen112
2022-11-13Qt: fix inhibit screensaver on Linux (X11)kenshen112
2022-11-06GS-HW: Further restrict CLUT heuristics.kenshen112
2022-10-26[BUG] Fix a crash that happens when copying from one card to a folder memory ...kenshen112
2022-10-21SPU2: Move ADMA clear to ADMA disablekenshen112
2022-10-16x86/iR5900: Fix quadword stores on Linuxkenshen112
2022-10-14System: Revamp memory allocationkenshen112
2022-10-14Qt: Add dialog for memory card conversionkenshen112
2022-10-11GS: Use 16bit RGBA unorm for HDRkenshen112
2022-10-09GS: Correct Alpha min max when alpha coverage is used and minor bugfix for DA...kenshen112
2022-10-07CI: Switch from libcurl4-gnutls-dev to libcurl4-openssl-devkenshen112
2022-10-04Native DualShock 3 support in Windows by official Sony driver (sixaxis)kenshen112
2022-10-02Remove references to unused define.kenshen112
2022-10-01Use git applykenshen112
2022-10-01GameDB: Update Burnout games VU Clamp modekenshen112
2022-10-01GS/wx: Change TriFilter name and move it to main renderer tab on wx.kenshen112
2022-09-22Added cheats downloadingkenshen112