AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysAdded shaderc-non-semantic-debug to fix PR issue. This requires latest QTkenshen112
11 daysClean Up! Clean Up! Everybody do your share! (Removed another submodule)kenshen112
11 daysClean up, Clean Up, everybody everywhere! Removed old Submoduleskenshen112
2024-03-30Removed the security hazard XZkenshen112
2024-02-29Fixed build date paramkenshen112
2024-02-29Moved RCheevos in treekenshen112
2023-12-15Added lz4kenshen112
2023-12-06changed XZ namekenshen112
2023-12-05Fixed submodule updatekenshen112
2023-10-25Force XWayland: Fixes monitor issues and scalingkenshen112
2023-10-02Added libwebpkenshen112
2023-09-27Removed old CHD submodulekenshen112
2023-09-26Remove depreciated cmake commands and verbose outputkenshen112
2023-08-24Remove non submoduled non used libzipkenshen112
2023-07-23C++20 / removed GSLkenshen112
2023-07-06Added extra-cmake-moduleskenshen112
2023-07-01Added libpipewirekenshen112
2023-06-26Fixed icon locationkenshen112
2023-06-17Added new dependkenshen112
2023-05-31Fixed zip contentskenshen112
2023-05-31Nvm, unfixkenshen112
2023-05-31Fix spacingkenshen112
2023-05-31Fix for Add new toggleable cheat and patch interface #8902kenshen112
2023-05-02Submodule update borked earlierkenshen112
2023-04-13Updated SDL, Added xcb-util-cursorkenshen112
2023-04-04Removed O2, it'll fix optimizing GS code out of existencekenshen112
2023-03-31Fixed checksumkenshen112
2023-03-28Fixed script to have proper shell bang and handle multiple argskenshen112
2023-03-27Prefer submodules in most caseskenshen112
2023-03-26fixed cmakekenshen112
2023-03-26Turn off verbosekenshen112
2023-03-26Remove needless submodule. Set Cmake to similar to AppImagekenshen112
2023-03-24Fixed leading /kenshen112
2023-03-24Further PKGBUILD workkenshen112
2023-03-23apply patchkenshen112
2023-03-23fix packagingéclairevoyant
2023-03-23Vulkan is submodulekenshen112
2023-03-23Vulkan is submodulekenshen112
2023-03-23Added missing sources for yaykenshen112
2023-03-23Added missing sources for yaykenshen112
2023-03-23Forgot libchdr ... Oopskenshen112
2023-03-23VCS Submoduleskenshen112
2023-03-23VCS Submoduleskenshen112
2023-02-18PKGBUILD fixeskenshen112
2023-02-17GameDB: Add pnach fix to Fatal Frame 1 / Project Zerokenshen112
2023-02-09PAD: Fix trigger deadzone/scale settingkenshen112
2023-02-07GS-HW: Process dirty rects separately, improved Tex in RT compatibilitykenshen112
2023-02-02GS-CLUT: Handle invalidation on wrapping writeskenshen112