AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-22Update to latest upstream source (gcc10 compatibility).Albert Graef
2019-08-12Add missing gtk2 dependency.Albert Graef
2019-08-12Update to latest upstream (Gem fixes).Albert Graef
2019-08-11Update to latest upstream, fixes a problem with the help browser.Albert Graef
2019-08-10Update to latest upstream.Albert Graef
2019-08-09Work around IEM font issues.Albert Graef
2019-08-09Update to latest upstream. Also removed some obsolete and unmaintained depend...Albert Graef
2016-07-04PKGBUILD fixes.Albert Graef
2016-06-19More permission fixes.Albert Graef
2016-06-19Simplified build procedure using -B -n, to better keep the packa...Albert Graef
2016-06-18Replace libsndobj-cvs dependency with libsndobj-git.Albert Graef
2016-06-17Add missing arduino folder.Albert Graef
2016-06-15Initial upload.Albert Graef