AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-22fix and rename shellscripthaawda
2020-02-06undo hardcoding of CARCH, add full RELROhaawda
2020-02-06needs gcc6-libshaawda
2019-11-16fix shasumshaawda
2019-11-01rewrite to allow installation alongside pdftkhaawda
2019-10-11initial uploadhaawda
2017-09-25Bumped pkgrel to trigger recompilation - new gcc6 version.Joey Dumont
2017-08-02Switched to depend on gcc6.Joey Dumont
2017-07-05Fixed argument passing to pdftk.Joey Dumont
2017-07-05Fixed the passing of arguments to pdftk-bin.Joey Dumont
2017-07-04Added a wrapper to set the environment variable locally.Joey Dumont
2017-06-27Forgot the SRCINFO.Joey Dumont
2017-06-27Trying to fix the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and compilation for some people.Joey Dumont
2017-06-26Updated to depend on gcc63.Joey Dumont
2016-08-31Generated new SRCINFO.Joey Dumont
2016-08-31Corrected shasum mismatch.Joey Dumont
2016-08-31Added fPIC to the compile flags.Joey Dumont
2016-05-11gcc-gcj is indeed a runtime dependency.Joey Dumont
2016-05-10Bumped pkgrel to trigger recompilation with gcc-gcj-6.1.1.Joey Dumont
2016-02-02Added SRCINFO.Joey Dumont
2016-02-02Fixed license field.Joey Dumont
2015-12-12Must be recompiled for new ABI.Joey Dumont
2015-07-24Updated for gcc-5.2.0.Joey Dumont
2015-06-11Pushed package to AUR4.Joey Dumont