AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-03-02Update to 6.5.1Uncle Hunto
2017-05-07Update to 6.4.1Uncle Hunto
2017-03-28Update to 6.4.0Uncle Hunto
2017-03-14Update to 6.3.1Uncle Hunto
2017-01-24Update to 6.3.0Uncle Hunto
2016-11-21Specify Arch lazarus directory locationUncle Hunto
2016-11-21Update to 6.2.0Uncle Hunto
2016-10-07update to 6.1.1Uncle Hunto
2016-07-23Update to 6.1.0Uncle Hunto
2016-06-22Update to 6.0.3Uncle Hunto
2016-05-06Update to 6.0.1Uncle Hunto
2016-02-28Fix PKGBUILD, update to 6.0.0Uncle Hunto
2015-11-30Rollback to 5.8.1Uncle Hunto
2015-11-29Updated to version 5.9.0Uncle Hunto
2015-10-24Updated checksumsUncle Hunto
2015-10-23Updated to 5.8.1 and added sha512 checksumsUncle Hunto
2015-10-05Updated to version 5.8.0Uncle Hunto
2015-09-07Update pkgrelUncle Hunto
2015-09-07Fix conflictsUncle Hunto
2015-09-07Initial importUncle Hunto
2015-06-20Initial importYaohan Chen