AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-05-14Disable building tests for now.Philipp Wolfer
2018-03-29Release 1.3.1Philipp Wolfer
2018-03-25Release 1.3.0Philipp Wolfer
2018-02-16Enable file chooser native againPhilipp Wolfer
2018-02-15Release 1.2.2Philipp Wolfer
2017-12-03Release 1.2.1Philipp Wolfer
2017-11-25New upstream release 1.2.0Philipp Wolfer
2017-11-05Use .tar.gz sourcesPhilipp Wolfer
2017-10-05New upstream release 1.1.0Philipp Wolfer
2017-06-19use out-of-source buildPhilipp Wolfer
2017-06-16Updated package descriptionPhilipp Wolfer
2017-06-14New upstream release 1.0.3Philipp Wolfer
2017-06-13New upstream release 1.0.2Philipp Wolfer
2017-03-26New upstream release 1.0.1Philipp Wolfer
2017-03-11New upstream release 1.0.0Philipp Wolfer
2017-02-21New upstream release 0.9.1Philipp Wolfer
2017-02-21Do not build tests for nowPhilipp Wolfer
2017-02-20New upstream release 0.9.0Philipp Wolfer
2016-10-25New upstream release 0.8.0Philipp Wolfer
2016-10-13Disable tests for now, since they cause issues for some users without know re...Philipp Wolfer
2016-07-07New upstream release 0.7.2Philipp Wolfer
2016-07-07Removed install file in favor of pacman hooksPhilipp Wolfer
2016-02-28New upstream release 0.7.1Philipp Wolfer
2016-02-26New upstream release 0.7.0Philipp Wolfer
2016-01-28New release 0.6.0Philipp Wolfer
2016-01-09New release 0.5.0Philipp Wolfer
2016-01-08Fixed cmake argumentsPhilipp Wolfer
2016-01-08New release 0.4.0Philipp Wolfer
2016-01-08New release 0.3.0Philipp Wolfer
2016-01-07Added gettext to makedependsPhilipp Wolfer
2016-01-07New release 0.2.1Philipp Wolfer
2016-01-07New release 0.2.0Philipp Wolfer
2016-01-05First beta release 0.1Philipp Wolfer
2015-12-30Initial version to package PeekPhilipp Wolfer