AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysCleanup npm permissions fixFrancesco Minnocci
2021-07-06Fix npm permissions and wrong flagFrancesco Minnocci
2018-06-15Update to 0.39.0Maxim Andersson
2018-05-15Update to 0.38.0Maxim Andersson
2017-07-21Add fix for npm5 issueMaxim Andersson
2017-07-16Update to 0.37.0-1Maxim Andersson
2017-05-03Update to 0.36.3-1Maxim Andersson
2017-03-27Update to 0.36.2-1Maxim Andersson
2017-01-22Add --cache to npm installMaxim Andersson
2016-11-23Update to 0.36.1-1Maxim Andersson
2016-10-26Update to 0.36.0-1Maxim Andersson
2016-07-27Update to 0.35.1-1Maxim Andersson
2016-05-18Update to 0.35.0-1Maxim Andersson
2016-04-23Update to 0.34.0-1Maxim Andersson
2016-04-15Update to 0.33.0-1Maxim Andersson
2016-01-29Update to 0.32.4-1Maxim Andersson
2016-01-07Update to 0.32.3-1Maxim Andersson
2015-11-07Update to 0.32.2-1Maxim Andersson
2015-10-25Update to 0.32.1-1Maxim Andersson
2015-10-06Update to 0.32.0-1Maxim Andersson
2015-09-21Update sha256sum for 0.31.0Maxim Andersson
2015-09-21Update to 0.31.0-1Maxim Andersson
2015-06-08Initial importMaxim Andersson