AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-04-05In reply to @zeroedout reporting PeerioTechnologies/peerio-client#345Samuel Martin Moro
2016-10-19In reply to @nuteater: now checking sum from patch, based on a stringSamuel Martin Moro
2016-09-29Update localesSamuel Martin Moro
2016-09-21Passphrase relayed to mean of portability, simplifying login processSamuel Martin Moro
2016-08-03Add Ghosts supportSamuel Martin Moro
2016-06-03add paid plans support to the storage viewSamuel Martin Moro
2016-04-06update .SRCINFOSamuel Martin Moro
2016-04-06upgrade to 1.4.1Samuel Martin Moro
2016-01-12update .SRCINFOSamuel Martin Moro
2016-01-12upgrade package to 1.2.1Samuel Martin Moro
2015-11-18initial commit / packaging Peerio for ArchLinuxSamuel Martin Moro