AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-09remove conflicts lineBrLi
2023-01-08update patch and pkgverBrLi
2020-12-07introduce upstream fix for various bugsBrLi
2020-10-14downgrade to use electron9BrLi
2020-10-13fix errorBrLi
2020-10-13revamp PKGBUILD with distro provided electronBrLi
2020-06-19Ensure Proper Permissions on Desktop FilePavan Rikhi
2020-01-08Update SRCINFOPavan Rikhi
2020-01-08Remove gconf DependencyPavan Rikhi
2019-11-11Update to v3.1.0Pavan Rikhi
2019-08-18Fix Segmentation Fault Caused by NPM DependenciesPavan Rikhi
2017-09-18Fix Permissions Error in NPM Post-Install ScriptPavan Rikhi
2017-06-27Update to v3.0.4Pavan Rikhi
2017-06-19Add Missing DependenciesPavan Rikhi
2017-06-12Update to v3.0.3Pavan Rikhi
2017-06-04One More Attempt At Fixing Home-less BuildsPavan Rikhi
2017-06-04Try Another Fix for Users With No Home DirectoryPavan Rikhi
2017-06-04Fix Electron Download Location For Users With No Home DirectoryPavan Rikhi
2017-06-04Fix Builds For Users With No Home DirectoryPavan Rikhi
2017-05-27Add Desktop, MIME, & Logo FilesPavan Rikhi
2017-05-23Fix Symbolic Link to ExecutablePavan Rikhi
2017-05-23Switch to Evolus' Repository, Update to v3.0.2Pavan Rikhi
2016-11-20Update to v2.0.21Pavan Rikhi
2016-11-20Update to v2.0.19Pavan Rikhi
2016-03-15Update SRCINFO to v2.0.18Pavan Rikhi
2016-03-15Upgrade Package: v2.0.16 -> v2.0.18Pavan Rikhi
2016-02-09Upgrade Package: v2.0.15 -> v2.0.16Pavan Rikhi
2015-12-01Upgrade Package: v2.0.14 -> v2.0.15Pavan Rikhi
2015-09-21Upgrade Package: v2.0.13 -> v2.0.14Pavan Rikhi
2015-07-21Upgrade Package: v2.0.12 -> v2.0.13Pavan Rikhi
2015-07-20Upgrade Package: v2.0.11 -> v2.0.12Pavan Rikhi
2015-07-08Initial importvlad