AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-05-05Trusting upstream MaxVer for nowÅsmund Ervik
2016-02-10Bumping pkgrel as well, so package managers see the updateÅsmund Ervik
2016-02-10Forgot to add SRCINFOÅsmund Ervik
2016-02-10Bumping MaxVersionÅsmund Ervik
2015-11-04Server side hook confirmed working. Update to pkgrel and SRCINFO.Åsmund Ervik
2015-11-04Bumped MaxVersion. Also testing the SRCINFO git hook, intentionally missing a...Åsmund Ervik
2015-10-01Updated MaxVersion to 42, required for compatibility with 41.0.1, strangely e...Åsmund Ervik
2015-08-19Forgot to update .SRCINFO fileÅsmund Ervik
2015-08-17Bumped MaxVersion fix to 41, updated upstream commit hash. FF42 might be a ro...Åsmund Ervik
2015-06-16Initial commitÅsmund Ervik