AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-08-08Rebuild for perl 5.38Amish
2022-06-01Rebuild for perl 5.36Amish
2021-05-28Rebuild for perl 5.34Amish
2020-06-25Rebuild for perl 5.32Amish
2019-06-11Rebuild for perl 5.30Amish
2018-12-12Get rid of patch. Use sed instead for one line changeAmish
2018-12-12Follow perl package guidelines. Update license based on README.Amish
2018-12-11Reset Perl-related envvars (thanks @mr_nuub)jose1711
2017-06-07Add patch for Perl 5.26 (thanks @amish)jose1711
2016-07-25Initial commit to aur4jose1711