AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-02update to version 0.302-1Moritz Bunkus
2020-07-10update to version 0.301-1Moritz Bunkus
2018-07-11remove old .AURINFOMoritz Bunkus
2018-03-10update to version 0.300-1Moritz Bunkus
2017-11-21update to version 0.299-1Moritz Bunkus
2017-11-16update to version 0.298-1Moritz Bunkus
2017-09-28fix dependencies & archMoritz Bunkus
2017-09-28fix removal of .packlist and with that of empty directoriesMoritz Bunkus
2017-09-28add maintainer tagMoritz Bunkus
2015-06-13Initial importMoritz Bunkus