AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-27Upgrade to 9.35Courtney Swagar
2023-09-12Upgrade to 9.34Courtney Swagar
2023-06-14Upgrade to 9.33Courtney Swagar
2023-05-08Upgrade to 9.32Courtney Swagar
2022-12-20Upgrade to 9.31Courtney Swagar
2022-11-25Upgrade to 9.30Courtney Swagar
2022-11-11Upgrade to 9.29Courtney Swagar
2022-10-14Upgrade to 9.28Courtney Swagar
2022-09-12Upgrade to 9.27Courtney Swagar
2022-05-28Update my nameCourtney Swagar
2022-05-23Upgrade to 9.26Tyler Swagar
2022-04-28Upgrade to 9.25Tyler Swagar
2022-04-18Upgrade to 9.24Tyler Swagar
2022-03-25Upgrade to 9.23Tyler Swagar
2021-10-22Upgrade to 9.22Tyler Swagar
2021-08-13Upgrade to 9.21Tyler Swagar
2021-08-09Upgrade to 9.20Tyler Swagar
2021-08-05Update email on all my packagesTyler Swagar
2021-06-02Upgrade to 9.19Tyler Swagar
2021-05-23Upgrade to 9.18Tyler Swagar
2021-04-13Upgrade to 9.17Tyler Swagar
2021-04-09Upgrade to 9.16Tyler Swagar
2021-04-06Upgrade to 9.15Tyler Swagar
2021-03-23Upgrade to 9.14Tyler Swagar
2021-03-22Upgrade to 9.13Tyler Swagar
2021-03-20Upgrade to 9.12Tyler Swagar
2021-03-20Upgrade to 9.11Tyler Swagar
2021-03-15Upgrade to 9.10Tyler Swagar
2021-03-14Upgrade to 9.09Tyler Swagar
2021-03-12Upgrade to 9.08Tyler Swagar
2021-03-11Upgrade to 9.07Tyler Swagar
2021-03-09Add optional Cpanel::JSON::XS supportTyler Swagar
2021-03-09Upgrade to 9.03Tyler Swagar
2021-03-02Upgrade to 9.02Tyler Swagar
2021-02-16Upgrade to 9.01Tyler Swagar
2021-02-14Upgrade to 9.0Tyler Swagar
2021-02-06Upgrade to 8.73Tyler Swagar
2021-01-28Upgrade to 8.72Tyler Swagar
2021-01-17Upgrade to 8.71Tyler Swagar
2020-12-30Upgrade to 8.70Tyler Swagar
2020-12-28Upgrade to 8.69Tyler Swagar
2020-12-27Upgrade to 8.68Tyler Swagar
2020-12-06Upgrade to 8.67Tyler Swagar
2020-11-30Upgrade to 8.66Tyler Swagar
2020-11-11Upgrade to 8.65Tyler Swagar
2020-11-06Upgrade to 8.64Tyler Swagar
2020-10-13Upgrade to 8.63Tyler Swagar
2020-10-12Upgrade to 8.62Tyler Swagar
2020-10-02Upgrade to 8.61Tyler Swagar
2020-09-28Upgrade to 8.60Tyler Swagar