AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-12add dependency perl-module-runtime-conflictsDirk Langer
2019-11-24version 2.2012Dirk Langer
2019-06-11rebuild for perl 5.30Dirk Langer
2018-10-17new package release, arch=x86_64Dirk Langer
2018-08-22new package releaseDirk Langer
2018-08-22new package releaseDirk Langer
2018-08-10bump perl-devel-overloadinfo to perl-devel-overloadinfo>=0.005Dirk Langer
2018-08-08new package release (perl 5.28.0)Dirk Langer
2018-05-16new version 2.2.011Dirk Langer
2018-02-26new version 2.2010Dirk Langer
2017-11-29new version 2.2009Dirk Langer
2017-11-29new version 2.2008Dirk Langer
2017-11-13new version 2.2007Dirk Langer
2017-10-02[master] fix headerDirk Langer
2017-10-02[master] new version 2.2006Dirk Langer
2017-04-17Update to 2.2004John D Jones III
2016-09-12Update to 2.1805-1John D Jones III
2016-03-09Update to 2-1605John D Jones III
2015-11-16Upgrade to perl-moose-2.1604-1John D Jones III
2015-09-18Update to 2.1603John D Jones III
2015-08-18Update to 2.1600John D Jones III
2015-06-16Initial importJohn D Jones III