AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-26add patch for exiting from functions properlyMoritz Bunkus
2023-07-17update to version 0.836-1Moritz Bunkus
2023-02-04update to version 0.835-1Moritz Bunkus
2023-01-05update to version 0.834-1Moritz Bunkus
2022-05-16update to version 0.833-1Moritz Bunkus
2021-02-15update to version 0.827-1Moritz Bunkus
2020-12-05update to version 0.826-1Moritz Bunkus
2020-11-26update to version 0.825-1Moritz Bunkus
2020-11-24update to version 0.824-1Moritz Bunkus
2020-07-18update to version 0.823-1Moritz Bunkus
2019-10-18update to version 0.822-1Moritz Bunkus
2019-02-15update to version 0.820-1Moritz Bunkus
2018-11-12update to 0.818-1Moritz Bunkus
2018-11-09update to version 0.817-1Moritz Bunkus
2018-06-16update to version 0.815-1Moritz Bunkus
2018-02-25update to version 0.814-1Moritz Bunkus
2018-02-23update to version 0.813-1Moritz Bunkus
2017-11-24update to version 0.812-1Moritz Bunkus
2017-11-08update to version 0.811-1Moritz Bunkus
2017-09-28fix removal of .packlist and with that of empty directoriesMoritz Bunkus
2017-09-28add maintainer tagMoritz Bunkus
2017-08-10update to version 0.810-1Moritz Bunkus
2017-03-16update to version 0.809-1Moritz Bunkus
2016-12-14update to version 0.808-1Moritz Bunkus
2016-12-07update to version 0.807-1Moritz Bunkus
2016-12-06update to version 0.805-1Moritz Bunkus
2016-12-05update to version 0.803-1Moritz Bunkus
2016-11-28update to version 0.802-1Moritz Bunkus
2016-11-24update to version 0.801-1Moritz Bunkus
2016-11-20update to version 0.703-1Moritz Bunkus
2016-11-01update to version 0.691-1Moritz Bunkus
2016-10-29update to version 0.689-1Moritz Bunkus
2016-10-27update to version 0.688-1Moritz Bunkus
2016-10-05initial versionMoritz Bunkus