AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-11Follow perl package guidelinesAmish
2018-12-07Rebuild for perl 5.28.1Amish
2018-08-21Update to 1.047Amish
2018-08-06Rebuild for perl 5.28.0Amish
2018-06-13Update to 1.045Amish
2018-06-05Move to MetaCPANAmish
2018-04-22Update to 1.043Amish
2017-12-11FIX: add PERL5LIB path as package depends on itselfAmish
2017-12-06Update to 1.041Amish
2017-11-04Upgrade to 1.040Amish
2017-10-11Update to 1.039Amish
2017-09-03Perl versioned binary modules rebuildAmish
2017-06-07Recompile for perl 5.26Amish
2017-06-03Upgrade to 1.037Amish
2017-06-03Upgrade to 1.037Amish
2017-04-01Initial releaseAmish