AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-11correct licenseMichal Wojdyla
2024-01-14https downloadMichał Wojdyła
2023-06-17update to 3.03Michał Wojdyła
2023-03-23add maintainer tagMichał Wojdyła
2022-06-09PGPlot test hangs, disabling GUI-based tests.András Wacha
2022-06-09Version bump to just released 3.02András Wacha
2022-06-01Relative version increment to force recompilation with new perl (5.36)András Wacha
2022-04-20Workaround for unsupported code in lib/Starlink/AST.xsAndrás Wacha
2022-01-18Depend on perl-tk-zincAndrás Wacha
2022-01-17Added perl-module-build as make dependency, perl-pgplot and perl-tk as runtim...András Wacha
2022-01-17Workaround for a too strict compiler flag (-Werror=format-security) in the de...András Wacha
2022-01-17Upstream version 3.01András Wacha
2016-11-09Added gitignoreAndrás Wacha
2016-11-09Initial commitAndrás Wacha