AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-04-19Update to 1.54Amish
2023-11-24Update to 1.53Amish
2023-09-22Update to 1.52Amish
2023-08-08Rebuild for perl 5.38Amish
2023-08-08Update to 1.51Amish
2023-03-10Update to 1.50Amish
2022-06-01Rebuild for perl 5.36Amish
2022-05-25Update to 1.48Amish
2021-12-22Update to 1.47Amish
2021-05-28Rebuild for perl 5.34Amish
2021-03-25Update to 1.46Amish
2020-12-30Update to 1.45Amish
2020-07-25Update to 1.44Amish
2020-06-25Rebuild for perl 5.32Amish
2020-05-28Update to 1.43Amish
2020-05-20Update to 1.42Amish
2020-03-04Change arch to i686 / x86_64Amish
2020-03-03Update to 1.41Amish
2019-09-16Update to 1.40Amish
2019-06-11Rebuild for perl 5.30Amish
2019-04-02Update to 1.39Amish
2019-01-02Update to 1.38Amish
2018-12-11Follow perl package guidelinesAmish
2018-10-05Update to 1.37-1Amish
2018-08-06Rebuild for perl 5.28.0Amish
2018-06-26Update to 1.36Amish
2018-06-05Move to MetaCPANAmish
2018-04-22Update to 1.35Amish
2017-12-06Add MaintainerAmish
2017-12-06Upgrade to 1.34Amish
2017-11-04Upgrade to 1.33Amish
2017-10-07Update to 1.32Amish
2017-04-16Update to 1.28John D Jones III
2016-03-281.23John D Jones III
2016-03-09Update to 1.22John D Jones III
2016-01-06Update to perl-text-csv-xs-1.21-1John D Jones III
2015-12-11Update to 1.20John D Jones III
2015-08-03Update to 1.19John D Jones III
2015-06-16Initial importJohn D Jones III