AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-01Update to 0.32Agesly Danzig
2020-06-23Update to 0.31Agesly Danzig
2020-04-17Update to v0.30Agesly Danzig
2020-03-08Update to v0.29Agesly Danzig
2020-01-25fix checksumAgesly Danzig
2020-01-25update to 0.28 and add missing dependencyAgesly Danzig
2019-11-16Update to version 0.27Agesly Danzig
2019-10-31Fix dependenciesAgesly Danzig
2019-10-18Update to v0.26Agesly Danzig
2019-10-04Update to v0.25Agesly Danzig
2019-09-08update .SRCINFOAgesly Danzig
2019-09-08Update to v0.24.1Agesly Danzig
2019-07-07Update to v0.24.0Agesly Danzig
2019-03-27Fixed dependency error and updated sha256sumAbhishek Mudgal
2019-03-26Version bump to 0.23Abhishek Mudgal
2018-12-23Update maintainer tagAbhishek Mudgal
2018-12-20Update to 0.22Ivan Semkin
2018-11-03Bump to v0.21Ivan Semkin
2018-10-12Bump to 0.20Ivan Semkin
2018-09-17Bump to v0.19Ivan Semkin
2018-08-23Bump to v0.18Ivan Semkin
2018-07-08Bump to 0.17Ivan Semkin
2018-06-220.16Ivan Semkin
2018-06-07Bump to 0.15Ivan Semkin
2018-04-22Update to v0.14Ivan Semkin
2018-04-07Bump version to 0.13Ivan Semkin
2018-03-04Forgot to update sha256sums in a hurryIvan Semkin
2018-03-04Update to 0.12Ivan Semkin
2017-12-30Initial commit, v0.11.1Ivan Semkin