AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-24oops forgor srcinfoluka null
2022-11-24updated to 1.3.13luka null
2021-08-04update this to 1.3.8 too smh my headluka null
2021-08-04update to 1.3.8luka null
2020-07-20fixed makedepends so it parses them correctlyluka null
2020-07-20forgot .SRCINFO again >.>luka null
2020-07-20updated makedepends again, this time with more quotes so it works right lolluka null
2020-07-20updated makedependsluka null
2020-07-20edited pkgdesc to make this package a little easier to findluka null
2020-07-20forgot to update .SRCINFO, oops. same as last commitluka null
2020-07-20updated to 1.3.6, switched to sha256sums, updated maintainer stringluka null
2018-08-31first pushAlexey Kharlamov