AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-22new version: 3.1.0Tomasz Jakub Rup
2020-10-29fixing dependency on new sqlparseTomasz Jakub Rup
2020-04-21new version: 3.0.0Tomasz Jakub Rup
2020-03-09fix dependenciesTomasz Jakub Rup
2019-12-22new version: 2.2.0Tomasz Jakub Rup
2019-06-01I should get a raise for this. (
2019-06-01This really should not take 19 minutes to build. (
2019-04-08various changes (
2019-04-08It'd be nice if type errors caused the compiler to issue a type error (http:/...asm0dey
2019-01-04My bad (
2019-01-03Fucking submodule bull shit (
2018-12-02Replace python-prompt_toolkit-2 with python-prompt_toolkitasm0dey
2018-11-20Push poorly written test can down the road another ten years (http://whatthec...asm0dey
2018-10-09Easteregg (
2018-10-09Version 2.0.0asm0dey
2018-09-05Updates version of python-cli_helpersasm0dey
2018-08-02Updates requirement on pgspecialasm0dey
2018-07-26Adds python-dbusasm0dey
2018-07-22Adds python-keyring dependencyasm0dey
2018-07-21Change maintainer. Update version. Add license.asm0dey
2017-12-23bump version and dependenciesfzerorubigd
2017-11-19bump to 1.8.1fzerorubigd
2017-07-17bump to 1.7.0fzerorubigd
2017-07-16Bump to 1.6fzerorubigd
2017-03-22bump to 1.5.1fzerorubigd
2017-01-19pump to v1.4.0fzerorubigd
2017-01-07bump to 1.31fzerorubigd
2016-07-05bump scr infofzerorubigd
2016-07-05update to 1.1fzerorubigd
2016-04-02fix the wrong folder nbamefzerorubigd
2016-03-16initial port from the git versionfzerorubigd